I just finished installing Movable Type 4!

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Welcome to my new blog powered by Movable Type. This is the first post on my blog and was created for me automatically when I finished the installation process. But that is ok, because I will soon be creating posts of my own!

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hi there;

what is this place?


Good for you, man! Respect!

I love movable type! very user friendly!

Congrats for your first post,it will be a long time and now you would have become an expert in adding as well as creating blogs.I believe your first blog isn't that bad.

What a good blog I never thought I could get something good like this, actually I’ve increased my knowledge, actually I know my friends will be so happy with this when I sharing it with them.

That's great man,all the best for your blog post.Your excitement proofs that you are very much eager to post soon on.

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