A web administration interface for the Free Radius users file. Completely coded in perl, it can be used both on linux and windows.
See the project's page at

Wallpapers Gallery
The PHP script that runs my home-made wallpapers gallery. It uses the GD library for image resizing and can create zip archives automatically.
Email me if you want the source code

An experimental general purpose CMS in PHP5 that uses SQLite for content storage. Still in development.

The following programs are for Linux only.

Xinit Switcher
A Perl/Tk utility that lets you choose between multiple xinitrc files at X startup.
Download it here

Create From Template is a Perl utility that creates new files from a template. It has some very handy features.
Download it here

A basic Perl/Gtk interface to the Wireless Tools for quick and efficient Wifi configuration. It can export auto configuration scripts.
Download it here

A C/Gtk interface to halt and reboot commands. Useful and very pleasant if you do not have a real desktop environment like Gnome or Kde.
Download it here

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